Together we build a digitalized world.


To facilitate the harmonious growth of your company, Together offers you a wide range of services.

Website development

Start digitizing your business by creating a website, where you can get in touch with your customers, as well as to promote and sell your products/ services.

Graphic Identity

For strong branding, it is essential to have a visual identity that is easy to remember and to attract the public’s attention.


Despre noi Together Corporation

An initiative that started from the desire to digitize the world

Together is a project started by a group of young entrepreneurs, who want to make digitalization available to as many companies as possible, to support and develop their business, by providing professional services and accessible to all.

We use the latest technologies

Being part of a world that is constantly changing, the Together team focuses on new technologies, in order to offer the most current and advanced services to our partners.

Always with you

Not only do we provide you with digitization services but during the construction of the desired product we will consult with you to make it in the way you imagined it.

Our support even after delivery

As far as the IT field is full of curiosities, even after the delivery of the products we will offer you technical support and we will answer all your questions that will arise. In addition, all our packages include a written and video guide on the use of all our products.


Lay the foundations of your business at the most affordable prices


Starting from


  • StartUp website
  • Blog
  • Business website
  • E-commerce platform
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Graphic Identity

Starting from


  • Logo design
  • Banner design
  • Business card
  • Flyer
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